Blogmas Day Three

The Perfect Christmas Lunch Playlist

Photo Credit: This is my own photo, Taken on my Iphone

Hey guys, I can’t say I’m getting better at writing my posts in advance. It’s 5:00pm and I really should have started this yesterday (oops). Let me set the scene for you guys, so i’m sitting on the sofa, with my earphones in listening to christmas music. So without further ado, here it is! My Christmas Dinner Playlist.

  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little – Sam Smith (cover)

Sam Smith is one of my favourite artists and as a singer myself a lot of his music inspires me. I really love the starting of this song, the acapella is almost a haunting sound but it is sooo pretty.

2. One More Sleep – Leona Lewis

This song is so catchy!! I didn’t even used to like it until I couldn’t stop singing it one day. It just makes me feel happy and christmassy so i has to add it to this list.

3. Fairytale Of NewYork – The Pogues

This is my Dad’s favourite Christmas song, so it’s always playing at Christmas time. It has to be one of my favourite Christmas songs, I love the lyrics in it.

4. Step Into Christmas – Elton John

This has to be the most ANNOYING song I’ve ever heard in my life. However, I have an undying love for Elton John which is weird for my age, but I love his music and I think each song he writes has a similarity to the last one ( If you get me😂). You have to admit though it does sound festive.

5. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs, somehow I think everyone is born knowing this song. Every time my family are in the car at Christmas and this comes on, we all sing, not like you’d sing a normal song, we definitely channel our inner power house voices (especially my dad😂😂).

6. Christmas Lights – Coldplay

I love this song. I’d love to learn how to play it on piano or guitar ( would be an impressive Christmas party trick ). This is a really different Christmas song ,this is a deep Christmas song for me which is why I love it because I think everyone can relate to it in some way.

7. Your Song – Elton John

This song isn’t really a Christmas song but it does have sentimental value to me. Also this year John Lewis has made it the featuring song on their famous Christmas Advert, so I’m classing it as a Christmas song now. But yeah, I love It!! ( Id love to know your thoughts on their advert this year if you’ve seen it!)

8. Somewhere Only We Know – Lily Allen

The bear and the hare!! This featured another John lewis advert and it was amazing. I hadn’t heard this song until the advert came out and It’s my go to Christmas Karaoke now!

9. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy – Pentatonix

This song reminds me of New York for some reason. I think pentatonix are amazing and it is completely beyond me how they manage to recreate songs without instruments!! If you haven’t already heard some of their stuff I highly recommend you give it a listen, It’s crazy good.

10. Silent Night – Pentatonix

There has to be a Christmas Carol thrown in somewhere. These guys really make this their own! It’s so different from any other version Ive heard!

There you go guys, I hope you like my Playlist! Please give me more to add as this will only cover about twenty minutes!

What’s your favourite Christmas songs or/and Christmas advert this year?

Thanks for reading



Blogmas Day Two

My Favourite Christmas Films

Hi again!! I’ve kept my word guys, even though I’m working a 6 hour shift straight after school I’m gonna write for you guys so this goes up at a fairly reasonable time. 

I’ve decided to share with you my favourite way to get into the festive spirit during the earlier days of December. Of course like any other person I LOVE christmas music but I listen to it all year round so I can’t really claim that it’s the most festive thing for me, Christmas films however is a different story!!                                                                                                                                                 So for day two of my Blogmas I’m going to share with you my favourite christmas films and give you a brief run over on why I love them, Enjoy!

  • The Holiday    –    So the first time I watched this film i must have only been 9 or 10. My step-mum had recorded it on the Sky box so we could watch it together at the weekend and I think we watched it every weekend after that! I love a rom-com and by the looks of it I always have, but a rom-com about individuals finding someone to spend The Holiday season together (see what I did there 😉 ) wow perfection, haha. This has to be my favourite Christmas film but believe it or not i used to watch it all year round because I didn’t know it was a Christmas film.
  • The Polar Express    –   This is also another favourite although I’ve only ever seen it once. Last Christmas my family chose to spend the festive season with family that live down in England, my Auntie had a tradition that she always watches The Polar Express on Christmas eve, so we watched it together. My family and I loved the idea and we’ve now decided to take the same stance on the film and we will now only watch it on Christmas eve. However, it is quite a lengthy film so its good to put on for the little ones before bed!
  • Home Alone Series   –  The Home Alone series is one of the classics. My sister and I fell in love with them when we were younger and it now gives us an excuse to buy snacks and have a festive movie night.  I find them so funny, filled to the brim with innuendo that the younger ones don’t get but still find funny. I really recommend these films to a family because they will keep kids interested and they aren’t that painful for adults to watch!
  • The Grinch   –    So when i say the Grinch, I want to say that I will only ever be talking about the original one (yes, I have seen the new one. yes, I did hate it). When I was younger and had my first TV i used to watch the Grinch as if it was going out of fashion, although every night before bed I had to get my dad to take the DVD cover out of my room as it was a tinsy bit scary. My younger cousins have never even seen the grinch which really offends me, what kind of generation are we bringing up?? 

Thank you for returning to the second day of Blogmas! I really want to get your feed back from these posts and know what you’d like to see next. Also, whats your favourite Christmas films?



Blogmas Day One

My Favourite Things To Gift 

Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year. I think it’s one of my favourite times due to being able to see all my friends and family members faces when they open up the presents they’ve been waiting for all year long (especially the little ones )!                                                                                  So in my love of that, I thought I’d write you a little list of the things I like to give my loved ones in these festive weeks…

  • Lush products    –      I love gifting Lush products, it could be because it’s something I’d be over the moon to open on Christmas morning myself but I also think during the winter months a bath is essential.                       Personally I chose the Christmassy products to keep everyone in that festive spirit. This year I opted for the Snow Fairy range as it is a personal favourite of mine and it simply smells Lush (see what I did there 🙂 ).
  • Personalised Tree Decorations   –  I think these give a real homly touch to a christmas tree, and they are a simple but elegant gift. I get my family beaded snow flakes to match the colour schemes of their tree and on silver or gold beads I add their names. These are a really pretty gift and they are also cheap to make, I personally don’t make them myself but it would be easy to make them! 
  • Christmas Eve Boxes    –    I gift these to mainly the younger members of my family to give them something to do before getting ready for bed on such an exciting night. Personally I like to include a festive pair of PJs, a Christmas film and story, a pouch of Hot Chocolate and Reindeer food.        Most of these are easy to get your hands on and they aren’t overly pricey! I go to Primark and get the festive PJs asthere is such a massive selection for a good price. I normally order the film and story online, Amazon is my go to for both products as you can buy sets of books or films making it easier if your buying for more than one Christmas Eve box. I make the reindeer food with oats, I don’t add any glitter of foil as this can be dangerous towards animals. I also buy clear piping bags and fill them with the correct amount of hot chocolate, I buy normal Galaxy hot chocolate as its cheaper that buying a bulk of the small pouches of hot chocolate! I tend to cap my spending at £15 -£20 per box.                                              

So these are just a few of my own Christmas Gift faves, they are cheap but always greatly appreciated. 

Please comment and let me know your favourite gift ideas, also let me know what you thought of my Ideas ! Thank You All


And So It Begins

Hey! I’m new to blogging, but I hope over time you guys like to hear my opinions and voice that i will air through my posts!


I wanted to start by asking you all how you are, and if your all having a good day? (That’s if anyone ever reads this, haha)

I am new to this whole blogging “thing” although I have started blogs before but I got bored and had a year break.

A bit of background on me. I’m a 16 year old Scottish girl who has always loved writing although I’ve always felt weird writing in diaries because I’m writing for people knowing nobody will ever read it. I have taken a lot of time to think about how I was going to do this whole blog, and I’ve decided to keep myself completely anonymous for the time being.

I’d really love it if everyone could  leave tips or blog post ideas in the comments for me, I hope some of you guys keep faith in me during this process to get my Blog started ( It may be a very Slow process ).

Thank you so much for taking a minute or two too read this!